Vaganova Ballet

Join Us For Vaganova Ballet!

Bringing Tap Back is proud to announce we now offer Vaganova Ballet classes, under the instruction of professionally-trained ballerina Graciela Grundinger. 

What is Vaganova Ballet?

  • Vaganova Ballet is a systemic, ballet training system developed in Russia
  • Focused on movement and creating strong dancers with cleaner lines
  • Unanimously respected in professional dance circles around the world
  • Unlike RAD, Vaganova is not graded ballet 

Why Vaganova Ballet?

  • Emphasis on the correct usage of muscles through specific requirements
  • Ensures muscles are properly strengthened which reduces  the chance of injury  


About Graciela Grundinger 

Graciela’s ballet training in the Vaganova Russian method began over 43 years. Inspired to dedicate her life to ballet by her lifelong teacher, Nina Nikanorova, who won the National Ballet award for her work and dedication to the art of dance, she was a solo dancer for 9 years for the Nina Nikanorova Ballet Company as well as for the Teresa Carreno Theatre Ballet Company, both in Venezuela. In 1984, Graciela began her teaching career with Jazz Dance Studios in Valencia and was invited several times to be a special guest dancer for the Colombian Ballet Company COLCULTURA in Bogota as well as for the Carpe Diem Ballet in Rome. Graciela holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from the Dance University Institute and  has been an instructor in Classical ballet technique and repertoire since 2002. She has been an advanced level ballet instructor, choreographer and reviewer of the Classical Repertoire in Venezuela since 2007. Graciela was honoured to be an intermediate and advanced level ballet instructor, choreographer and events coordination assistant for the Nina Nikanorova Ballet School of the Secretary of Education and Sports from the Provincial State Government of Venezuela. Her passion for classical Vaganova ballet technique inspires her to teach above and beyond standard expectations. Her training with Eric Volodin from the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow, Rodolfo Rodriguez from the Colon Theatre in Argentina, Ninel Yulteyeva, Honorific Master of the Soviet Union and countless others, continues to add depth to her already professional level of stage experience and accelerated training in the art form. 


We are so fortunate to have her professional instruction for the Vaganova Ballet program at Bringing Tap Back!

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