MacMillan's Fundraiser

MacMillan’s Fundraiser 

Dates: October 25 - November 13 2017

Delivery date at the studio: Tuesday November 28th 2017

Target goal: 100 items OR $1500 per order form

Payment options: CASH or CHEQUE 

*Cheques must be made out to “Bringing Tap Back”

We will be taking part in the MacMillan’s Fundraiser from October 25 to November 13 2017. During this time, each participant will collect orders and payment. Forms and payments are due on November 13 2017. 

This year, our goal is to send as many students as possible to the RADIX DANCE CONVENTION which will take place in Toronto May 18-20 2018. It would be ideal to send our students to this amazing workshop for FREE, but that all depends on how much money we raise! ALL PROCEEDS from the fundraiser will go towards this workshop which will also include accomodations for 1 of our faculty members who will be joining the students. 

Dance conventions are a wonderful way for students to explore training outside of the studio and to be exposed to Master Talent who would not normally be offered throughout the dance season. We encourage ALL of our students to take part in dance conventions to further their training and learn from other professionals in the industry. 

This year, RADIX is hosting their workshop with the following choreographers: Eddie Strachan, Tabitha & Napoleon D’Umo, Brian Friedman, Tyce Diorio, Tina Caspary, Chaz Buzan, Talia Favia, Tessandra Chavez, Jason Janas, Janelle Ginestra, Billy Bell, Tricia Miranda and Martin Harvey. 

MacMillan’s is a great way to stock up for the holidays and/or for Christmas gifts! From Cookie dough batter to quiches and soup selections, there are plenty of items to choose from and they’re all very reasonably priced! 

Please help us in providing this amazing opportunity for our students! Together, we can make a difference!

We thank you in advance for your support. 

Learn more about RADIX by clicking HERE