Frequently Asked Questions


 1. Your name is Bringing Tap Back, do you only teach tap classes? 

Absolutely not! We teach all genres of dance at BTB!  However, our tap program is unparalleled within Waterloo region; from tots to adult classes, our tap training is second to none. We also specialize in Vaganova (Russian) ballet. 
Our professionally trained faculty provide superior dance instruction, mentoring, and guidance to all of our students. Our staff are hand-picked by our director to ensure your children receive the best training possible.  


2. What are your costume fees? 

BTB performs twice during the dance season; we have a spring show in March and a year-end recital in June. Each student is responsible for their costume fees (one costume per class). Costume fees are:

$120 per class for both shows. 


These costume fees include any and all alterations, rhinestones, all taxes, shipping & handling and administration fees.

Please note that performing in the shows is not mandatory, and therefore would not require the costume fee. 

4. What type of uniform do I have to purchase for my child to dance at BTB? 

BTB doesn’t have required uniforms for all classes. We feel that our students should be able to express themselves with their choice of – appropriate – dance attire. 

However, the only required uniform at BTB is the ballet uniform. 

Girls are required to wear a black bodysuit, pink tights and pink ballet shoes; with hair in a ballet bun. Please note, tots are required to wear pink tights, any colour bodysuit, pink ballet shoes and hair in a bun. 

Boys are required to wear: black fitted shorts or pants and a fitted white t-shirt or white sleeveless t-shirt and black ballet shoes.

All other genres of dance we ask that students come dressed in respectable, age appropriate dance wear that is form fitting, supportive, and allows for easy movement. Examples are leggings, yoga pants, fitted dance shorts, bodysuits, tank tops and t-shirts. 

5. Do you offer competitive programs? 

Yes, we offer a very unique and exciting competitive program! We refer to this program as our Stage Experience Team (SET). SET is designed to prepare the young dancer for the professional world of dance with a focus on intensive training and dance competition opportunities. The SET program differs from the regular program in the sense that there is more focus on the execution and perfection of steps, choreography and memorization. The SET students will attend dance competitions and begin their journey as professional dancers by performing and competing on a professional stage, through this they will be judged, marked and given feedback based on their performance(s) by hired professional dancers in the entertainment industry. Our SET program is available to those that are 5 and older.

6. If I want to enroll my child in the SET program, do they have to take tap?

Yes. Tap, jazz and ballet are a minimum requirement for all of our SET programs. 

7. My child isn’t interested in competitive dance, are there classes that he/she would be able to attend? 

Yes, absolutely! We also offer our “regular” program. This program is designed to develop the young dancer to the best of their ability through proper technique and training, without the element of competition. The dancer will advance according to their level of ability. The regular program dancer will perform for friends and family in our spring show as well as the year end recital.

8. Do you offer any types of workshops or training outside of standard dance classes? 

Yes, we offer a March Break Camp, as well as various summer camps. We are also pleased to offer various workshops, and performance opportunities throughout the year. Check back often to see what we’ve got on the go! 

9. Can I try or view a class before I register?


10. Aside from recitals, are there other performance opportunities are available? 

Yes, we do offer other performance opportunities throughout the year. The number of performances however can vary from season to season. Check out what our students participated in during the 2016/2017 season. You can often catch BTB students performing at public venues, on Rogers TV and local events! 

11. What types of adult classes do you offer? 

We offer adult classes in tap and hip hop. The tap classes range from absolute beginner to advanced. Please call or email us if you’re not sure what level of class is right for you, we’d be happy to recommend a class to try.

12. I’m not sure BTB is for me or my children, is it possible to come in for a tour of the studio and meet the instructors/director? 

Definitely! We’d love to meet you! Send us an email at and we would be happy to set up a meeting. 

13. Is there somewhere I can keep track of everything that’s going on at the studio?

Our website is the best outlet for staying in the know! We also maintain a calendar of important dates and events available on the website.

We also recommend checking out our social media pages as well. 




14. Do you have an incentive program? 

We offer family discounts and varying incentive programs throughout registration. Please see for new offers & incentives. 

15. I’d love to take a tap class but I don’t have shoes, help!  

No worries, we offer a consignment shop where you can find all of your dancewear needs. Click here for more info:

If you wish to purchase your own shoes, “beginner” tap shoes can be found at Payless, or other online retailers (remember, used shoes are great too!). Professional dance shoes can be purchased at Inspirations Dance Wear

16. I’m not able to commit to an entire year of dance, are there drop in classes I could attend?

Yes, we offer drop in classes for all genres, ages 11+. You can drop into a single class to try it out, or you can purchase a drop in punch card in increments of 5, 10, 15 and 20 classes to use for the classes that you enjoy. Punch cards are good for 1 year from date of purchase.

17. Can I just pay for 1 term and see how it goes?

We don’t have “Terms” at Bringing Tap Back. However, we do have a refund policy should you have to cancel your full year tuition. 

18. Do I need tap shoes?

You do need tap shoes for tap class. 

19. Where do you have your shows?

The majority of our shows are held at the Humanities Theatre at the University of Waterloo. However, we also hold performances at our own in-house theatre at BTB, and continue to explore other interesting and unique locations within Kitchener-Waterloo. 

20. Can I pay monthly?

Yes. Payments are made monthly through our Dance-StudioPro! app. Here is the link:

We also offer the option to pay for your full year tuition in full