Christian Chopp

Christian Chopp - Tap

It was after watching Singing In the Rain when he was five that Christian decided that tap was something he definitely wanted to do. The following dance season he was enrolled in tap class, but it wasn’t until he turned 10 that he really started taking tap dance seriously as a potential career choice. At age 11 he started competing in tap and found a love for the art form he couldn’t shake. When he was 14, he decided to expand his horizons, in respect to tap, and joined Bringing Tap Back with Everett Smith as well as taking classes with world renowned tappers such as: Danny Nielsen, Aaron Tolson, Lisa La Touche, and David Cox. Due to the quality of instruction he received and the sheer amount of time he spent with tap, he then auditioned for, and went to, Germany twice on the Canadian National Tap Team where he was immersed in tap culture from around the world winning a silver medal in formations on his first trip over. As well as going to Germany for tap, Christian has had the opportunity to attend Lane Alexander’s Chicago Human Rhythm Project on partial scholarship where he learned from master tappers who are extremely prominent in the industry. Out of the many subgenres of tap, his favourite form is improvisation, and besides being able to express that form twice as a guest soloist at the Eastern Canadian Tap Conference, he is also a member of the Andrew Prashad Collective; a new company formed with himself and four other amazing tap dancers who are currently working and booking more and more gigs every month. Now 18, Christian is attending Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo for business yet plans to never give up tap dancing and always stay learning, teaching, and keeping in touch with the art he is truly passionate about.

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