1 Million Taps in 24hrs!

Join us on October 14th at 12pm for our 2nd attempt at reaching 1 Million Tap Sounds in 24 hrs!
NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Everyone is welcome to throw on a pair of tap shoes (provided at BTB if you don't have any) and tap away to try and get as many sounds in as possible! 
Each participant will be given a pledge form on which they will keep track of their sponsors/pledges. After the event, participants will be asked to collect all funds raised for Bringing Tap Back. 
Up for the challenge? At our last Million Taps event, Mr. Everett was able to reach a total of 138 051 TAPS! 
All participants who exceed Mr. Everett’s previous record will be recognized and presented with an award of merit at our year end recital. 

Awards of recognition will be presented in the following categories:
most taps 5 & under 
most taps 10 & under
Most taps 11-15
most taps 16+ 
highest pledge total

New This Year: HEART AND SOUL    

HEART: For  participants in it for the long run!!! Instead of the regular 15 minute time slots, this is for those who intend on tap dancing for an ENTIRE HOUR STRAIGHT! As this is no easy task, we have the following pledge suggestions:

Tap Dancing One Hour Straight: Approximately 20 000 Tap sounds!

We ask for a pledge of $50 if the participant is able to last the entire hour and achieve a minimum of 15 000 taps.

SOUL: For participants whose feet are red hot! Think of this like a speed round, for an ENTIRE 15 MINUTES!!! Suggested pledge denominations are as follows: 


1 000 Taps (just over one tap every second):    $5

2 500 Taps (approx. 2.7 taps every second):    $10

5 000 Taps (approx. 5.5 taps every second):    $15

7 500 Taps (just over 8 taps every second):     $20

10 000 Taps (just over 11 taps every second):  $25

15 000 Taps *This is nearly impossible! DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME?? (just over 16.5 taps every second): $50

Where will the proceeds go? We are raising money to help maintain our professional dance floor, stage lighting and upgrades to our sound system. Bringing Tap Back continues to pride itself as being a creative space; allowing students, and more importantly children, to express and develop through their creativity within the safety of our facility. WE are always continually adding elements to our programming, pushing the envelope and bringing real world experiences to our aspiring young talents of tomorrow. Please join us in our efforts in continuing to provide a safe and inspirational space that many young artists and aspiring dancers within your local community call home. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the event. Pledge forms can be picked up at the studio or sent via email (bringingtapback@gmail.com).